Day 27: Nangus or Gundagai

Friday, April 11, 2014

O10/4/14. Celia

Today we woke up in our tents and while we packed up got bitten by heaps and heaps heaps and heaps heaps and heaps heaps and heaps heaps and heaps  heaps and heaps heaps and heaps of ants. It was raining like MAD. Noah and I kept dry in the car while everyone else packed up the tents. Then they relished they had camped on an ants nest. No wonder! Then Linda , mum , Noah and I jumped in the support car that stay in front of the  Dad and Daniel walked in the rain. And the person driving the support car behind the walkers was Majid, playing music. Now there is something I should tell you about Majid Is that wherever we are going, ( Oura, Wagga, Gundagai,) what ever we are doing, ( driving car, eating lunch, toileting , making fire putting up tents, eating dinner) now do this sum in your head: Majid: M. Phone: P. Playing music: ...         M+ P=...

Majid, playing music
   Majid, playing music
         Majid, playing music 
              Majid, playing music
           Majid, playing music
      Majid, playing music

In the car I had a huge headache.                              Car make me feel bad.
So I went to walk in the rain with dad and Daniel.       Walking in rain make me feel good.
walked about 5ks and Noah walked 1/2 ks. Then we got to Nangus. We couldn't stay there because all there was was a milkbar and a wine/beer shed and 2 toilets. So we drove up to Gundagai and decided to walk from Nangus to Gundagai the following day. We went to a cafe and ate soup and wandered about town. Mum couldn't stop talking about the coin laundry and we got stuck at a op shop. Then we went to the house were linda, majid, and Daniel were staying. We had a chat. Then went to our motel that was booked for us and set up. We went back to the house where the guys were staying and ate dinner. Daniel's toe nail wobbled like a tooth that was about to com out and I couldn't look at it. We went back to our motel and slept. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzo 

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