Day 19

Apology to anyone in Gerogery who may have been looking out for us. We only made it to Gerogery West. Everyone was busting, so we marked the spot and drove to Jindera where our host is waiting to welcome us!

Gordon cooked us an amazing lamb curry! 

What Amazing hospitality! Leanne heard about our walk, looked up our website, and decided to be our host! Thank You, Leanne, Gordon, Flynn, and your guests Trevor and Christian (International exchange student) for your most wonderful hospitality and welcome! 

What a Privileged it was to hear stories from Gordon, who is the great-grandson of Hugh McKay (Sunshine Harvester) 

Gordon was also able to get us the permit we needed to walked through Wagga Wagga council (up to then we had not been given the go.

  • Daniel and Majid on Trevor's Harley
  • Leanne introduced us to her Bush Stone Curfew: an endangered species in the southern parts of Australia and Leanne (enviro scientist) with a club that has spent many years protecting and helping them to flourish.
  • Linda helped prepared deserts
  • Leanne helped Linda to pat the dog, which was her first time she was able to do so
  • Gordon introduced Daniel to the horse
  • Daniel & Tri - came back and visited Leanne and Gordon later in the year!


    "And I wish you all the best for your future lives in this country, yourselves and your children, that in Australia your best hopes and aspiration for the future will be realised." MALCOLM FRASER, PRIME MINISTER 1975-1983:

    "If we listen closely enough to the stories of others, an alternative story will emerge which will allow for the transformation to take place." Brueggemann?

    "…nobody can change stories unless an alternative story is made richly available with great artistry, love, and boldness." Brueggemann?