Day 3: joyful pilgrims

 After a wonderful evening with our gracious hosts (3 different homes). We rise early, intending to get an early start, as we were not quite sure how long the journey will take. Majid and Mohammad's host (Michele) like Majid and Mohammad so dearly, that she didn't kick them out of bed to get going... So we were much delayed in leaving. It was a most marvelous day, with a beautiful sky, we were all excited to leave the city behind. However, once the pavement, ran out, and according to VIC Roads, only were allowed to walk at a time, we couldn't decide who will walk. No one wanted to be stuck in the van on such a beautiful day! fortunately, up head was a stock route, with plenty of space for everyone to walk. 

Today I was amazed that Mohammad and Majid walked more than 20kms, singing, dancing, and having lots of fun, it was just beautiful to watch.

I found a walking track, that weaves through an area that had been burned not so long ago, but it was a wonderful serenity... And it was like this for many hours, so I imagine I was on the Santiago Compostela. Linda walked some distance ahead. Unfortunately for Beryl, she ended up driving the van. But her highlight for the day was watching the two young men, walking in front, singing, dancing, waving at every car that when by... 

We got to see some live kangaroos (and a few dead ones on the road).
Tonight we had a break from talking, and meeting people. I got to attend my class at college through live streaming! While the others could unwind and look over 200 photos from George, of the launch on Sunday, which seems like weeks ago!


"And I wish you all the best for your future lives in this country, yourselves and your children, that in Australia your best hopes and aspiration for the future will be realised." MALCOLM FRASER, PRIME MINISTER 1975-1983:

"If we listen closely enough to the stories of others, an alternative story will emerge which will allow for the transformation to take place." Brueggemann?

"…nobody can change stories unless an alternative story is made richly available with great artistry, love, and boldness." Brueggemann?