Day 11: A gift of rest

Howard and Helen suggested we stayed at their place for another night, so we get a full day of rest. So here I'm catching up on a bit of sleep and blogging, Facebook, journaling...
thank you so much for this generous gift of hospitality!
We will be more equipped to make a 31km trek to Benalla tomorrow... (Although We are all tempted to stay here for a long while)
Thanks, Megan for spending a day and evening with us. Thanks for your care and for providing Linda with the company. Thank you for treating us to a pub meal, at Seven Creek. You are a wonderful source of encouragement to us. Sorry, you didn't get to do much walking today, but there is still time...


"And I wish you all the best for your future lives in this country, yourselves and your children, that in Australia your best hopes and aspiration for the future will be realised." MALCOLM FRASER, PRIME MINISTER 1975-1983:

"If we listen closely enough to the stories of others, an alternative story will emerge which will allow for the transformation to take place." Brueggemann?

"…nobody can change stories unless an alternative story is made richly available with great artistry, love, and boldness." Brueggemann?